Computerized Numerical Control

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With the outstanding performance of one of the world’s fastest CNC series and features like Super Smooth Surface (SSS) control, the M800V/M80V Series CNC from Mitsubishi Electric ensures you achieve faster, smoother operation, better finish, and reduce waste – meaning higher productivity and profitability for your operation. As a machine tool builder you have the choice between a wide range of CNC solutions, ranging from compact controlers with easy operability up to high-end system for multi-axis multi-part system control.

  • Integrated Type

    Panel-type control unit with integrated display. With only measuring 9.5 mm thick and a wide variety of matching screen and keyboard sizes. Our standard CNC is the right choice when functionality and operability are your main focuses.

  • Separated Type

    Separated control unit and display. Windows-based display with the latest PC and OS offers excellent expandability. By mounting the control unit in your electrical cabinet and the possibility to use a PC-based system, the maximum in flexibility for your machine is guaranteed.

  • Modular Type

    As a central part of the iQ-R automation platform, the C80 CNC controller opens up endless opportunities for production line machining. Designed to offer a maximum TCO reduction effect to large scale machining line customers, this dedicated control comes in a machining Center and Lathe configuration with the ability to control up to 16 axes for maximum efficiency in production lines.

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