Medium-inertia, high-accuracy and high-speed Motors

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Medium-inertia, high-accuracy and high-speed Motors

Medium-inertia, high-accuracy and high-speed motors

HG Series

  • Sensor resolution has been significantly improved. The servo motors, which boast smooth rotation and outstanding acceleration capabilities, are well-suited to serve as feed axes of machine tools.
  • Range 0,2 to 15 [kW]
  • Maximum rotation speed: 5.000 [r/min]
  • Safety support sensors are included as standard specification. Sensor connectors are screw-locked and have enhanced vibration resistance. Three sensor resolutions (i.e., 1, 4 and 67 million pulses/rev) are available.
  • This can also be used as a tool spindle motor.
  • Small-sized connector allows horizontal cable connection, which helps to save space in machines (Options supported. (Flange size 90SQ only)).


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