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M8V – The latest Features


We launched the M8V series, an innovative range of controllers for CNC machining. Fully packed with new features and functions. The special aspect? The improved performance and intuitive operation. Have a closer look at our latest features!

  • OMR-CC

    OMR-CC – Optimum machine response-contour control – reduces the cycle time without compromsing the accuracy.  Therefore the control processing adjusts to the workpiece shape and corrects position error. As a result, machining is approximately 11% faster compared to the existing M800 and M80 series.

    Cutting Load Control

    Cutting load control is automatically controlled, leading to longer tool life and shorter cycle time. Adjusting the feedrate, the actual load rate matches the predefined target load rate during machining.

    Chatter Suppression Function

    Chatter suppression function increases lathe machining accuracy by automtically detecting an accelerometer to the RT processing unit. Chatter is suppressed by adjusting the spindle speed, achieving high-accuracy high-quality machining.

    Security feature for Windows Display

    Security feature for Windows display smartly protects the NC from virus and other threats using whitelist technique.

    Spline Interpolation 2

    Spline interpolation 2 solves the problem of uneven (marked) surface resulting from the variance of programmed points that occur when a machining program is generated by a CAM tool, improving machining quality.

    Tool Cutting Point Control

    Tool cutting point control enables optimum machining without modifying the machining program even when the tool shape changes.

  • Multi-Touch Gestures

    Multi-touch gestures enable smarter operations. Pinching-in/pinching-out in program display area changing the text size, Drag/flick the menu upward opens the menu list, using grab operation with four or more points opens a list of recently selected screens.

    Image Interput Interface

    Customize the NC screens and interfaces by using the Image interput interface, helping to differentiate machine tools.

    Motion Control Release

    Transform the coordinates different from the NC’s rectangular coordinate to make special mechanisms possible.

    Interactive Programming - Job Lathe

    Developing a machining program and setting up values by simply following a guidance.

    3D Machining Simulation

    3D Machining Simulation makes it possible to check machine interference and machining quality before machining and reduces workpieces discard.

    Built-in Wireless Lan and Screen Mirroring

    NC control unit with built-in wireless LAN and screen mirroring function allows you to operate NCs without constraints of time and place. For an efficiency and smarter manufacturing.

    Two-dimensional barcode engraving cycle

    Automatic selection of programs and tools as well as an easy traceability, enabled by a QR Code, directly engraved on the workpiece.

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