E80 – compact & cost-efficient

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E80 – compact & cost-efficient

The CNC E80 Series boasts drastic improvements in performance and a higher accuracy than ever before. The simple and easy-to-use E80 Series helps in achieving a greater cost performance, and fits best with simple machine configurations.
– The Mitsubishi Electric CNC Engineering Team

High performance & accuracy

Models for various machine configurations TypeA/TypeB

Leading design Display Units and Keyboards

High Performance

Drastic improvements in performance CNC-dedicated CPU

With Mitsubishi Electric’s high-speed CNC-dedicated CPU, the E80 Series reduces cycle times due to a higher program and PLC processing capability. Higher optical communication speeds between the CNC and drive acheive higher accuracy in machining.

Models for various machine configurations TypeA/TypeB

TypeA and TypeB models are available for both machining centers and lathes. Select the model with the specifications that suit the machine configuration best. [Machining center system] TypeB supports machines with up to 3 axes. TypeA supports the setup of a rotary table. [Lathe system] TypeB controls 3 feed axes and 2 spindles as standard. Select TypeA for configurations that have a maximum of 3 spindles such as compound lathes.

Leading design Display Units and Keyboards

The E80 Series adopts the M800/M80 Series design. The display unit and keyboard are only 9.5 mm thick, and opens up new possibilities for machine design. There are 2 types of keyboard layouts, one for lathes and the other for milling.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Lathe System

    E80The E80 Series comes with enhanced high-accuracy control functions for lathes with milling functions as standard. Functions such as the interactive cycle insertion function make programming easier, improving operability.

  • Pursuing Usability

    The simple monitor screenThe simple monitor screen puts all the essential information for mass production on one screen, making it simple to find information immediately. Information such as the selected tool and the remaining lifetime can be checked by viewing the tool icon.

  • Interactive cycle insertion

    Interactive Cycle InsertionThe E80 Series comes with Interactive Cycle Insertion (ICI). This simple programming system lets you easily create programs for each process. Whether you need to turn, copy, groove or thread, the easy-to-read interface clearly displays the tool path or machining shape you want.

  • Synchronous Tapping

    Synchronous tapping E80Synchronous tapping can be performed with an analog-connected spindle such as an inverter without using a dedicated tool holder. The applicability to a wide array of machine specifications allows for more efficient machining.

  • High-accuracy Control

    E80 Series high-accuracy control minimizes deviation of the actual tool path from the command path, improving the accuracy of the machining of corners and arcs.

Machine Programming

  • Reduce setup time

    Multi-Axis-Multi-PartThe same machining program can be used when the workpiece coordinate system does not match the actual workpiece coordinate system, or when the actual workpiece length is different. This function helps to create machining programs easier.

  • Flexible commands – Diameter/Radius Designation Switch

    Flexible commands allow the user to switch between diameter/radius designation for each axis with the G-code at any time. Flexible commands are particularly useful for programs where turning and milling coexist.

  • Easier program creation – Finish Shape View Programming

    The finished shape is displayed in 3D while creating a machining program. Checking the finished shape in real-time during program creation allows the user to correct mistakes as they appear in the finished shape.

  • Easier program creation – Program Check Operation

    Check the machining program while viewing the actual operation of the machine. Also, forward run/reverse run operation can be checked meticulously at a desired feedrate (manual handle feed) , making prototype checks more accurate and easier than before.

  • Program finalization – 3D Solid Program Check

    3D solid program check allows the user to check a finalized machining program against the 3D graphic of the final shape for the program. Being able to perform a detailed check of the final shape before production on the actual machine is a major advantage.


  • Specifications E80

    Lathe systemMachining center system
    Max. number of axes (NC axes + Spindles + PLC axes)8564
    Max. number of NC axes (in total for all part systems) 545(*1)3
    Max. number of spindles 3211
    Max. number of PLC axes 3320
    Number of simultaneous contouring control axes 4443
    Max. number of part systems ◯1◯1◯1◯1
    Display unit-side High-speed program server mode
    Front-side SD card mode
    Least command increment 0.1μm0.1μm0.1μm0.1μm
    Least control increment 1nm1nm1nm1nm
    Program memory capacity (number of programs stored) 230KB [600m]
    (400 programs)
    230KB [600m]
    (400 programs)
    500KB [1280m]
    500KB [1280m]
    Max. number of tool offset sets 99 sets 99 sets 200 sets 99 sets
    Built-in PLC capacity [number of steps] ◯20000◯20000◯20000◯20000
    Multi-program [number of programs] ◯60◯60◯60◯60
    Multi-project [number of projects stored] ◯1◯1◯1◯1
    Macro program Variable command 600 sets 200 sets600 sets 200 sets
    Machine tool builder macro
    Workpiece coordinate system shift --
    3D solid program check
    Manual arbitrary reverse run (program check operation) --
    Interactive cycle insertion
    Diameter/Radius designation switch --
    Synchronous tapping with analog I/F spindle
    Workpiece position measurement --
    Simple inclined surface machining command ---
    High-accuracy control (G61.1/G08) -
    eSSS control -
    Tolerance control -
    Spindle-mode servo motor control --
    Finish shape view programming --
    Email notification to operator
    Operation history (detailed alarm history information)
    CC-Link (Master/Local)
    PROFIBUS-DP (Master)
    MES interface library
    EcoMonitorLight connection
    System lock

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