Process Design

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CNC Programming

Process Design

NC Designer 2

Assists in the creation of screens

NC Designer 2 provides a development environment in which the machine manufacturer can easily customize screens.

Two types of screen development methods are available; the interpreter system (programming without C++) for simple screen development and the compiler system (programming with C++) for more complex developments.

Main functions:

  • Screens created with NC Designer2 can be registered in the main operation, setup and edit menus.
  • Easy creation of custom screens with template function and macro function.
  • Screens can be easily created using the MITSUBISHI standard screen templates.
  • By using the macro language instead of the C language, various original processes can be added easily.
  • The C language library greatly supports the development of screens
  • In addition to drawing, it strongly supports event controls such as mouse and key operations and the window function, which is essential for creating GUI such as window system, etc.

NC Trainer2 / NC Trainer 2 Plus

Training software (NCT2) and custom development support software (NCT2 plus)

NC Trainer2

This is an application for operating the CNC screen and machining programs on a computer without a CNC control or special display unit.

It can also be used for learning CNC operation and checking machining programs. The machining programs created in NC Trainer2 can be used on real CNCs.

NC Trainer2 plus

The NC-Trainer2 plus supports the development of customizations; it helps to program the ladder logic of the user PLC to be developed by machine tool manufacturers and to troubleshoot and verify the functions of the customized screens.

Main functions:

  • Development support for customized screens. (Even if there is no NC device, it can be debugged using a computer.)
  • Development support for user PLC (ladder)
  • Provides machine operating environment (customized machine operation panel) that meets the specifications of the user’s machine tool.

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