Machine Assembly and Adjustment

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Programming CNC

Machine Assembly and Adjustment

NC Configurator

Assists in configuring parameters

NC parameters required for NC control and machine operation can be edited on a computer.

Initial parameters can also be easily created by inputting the machine configuration.

Main functions:

  • NC parameter setting/search
  • Help (parameter explanation)
  • Offline comparison of parameter input/output
  • NC data input
  • Printing
  • The following are included the full-mounted version.
  • Parameter initial setting wizard
  • Function parameters

NC Analyzer2

Assists in the adjustment of servo parameters

NC Analyzer2 helps the servo parameter settings by measuring and analyzing the machine’s characteristics.

Measurement and analysis can be done by running a servo motor using the machining program for adjustment, or using the vibration signal.
This function can sample various types of data.

Main functions:

  • Adjustment wizard
  • Speed loop gain adjustment
  • Notch filter setting
  • Circularity adjustment
  • Display adjustment progress
  • Graph
  • Bode diagram measurement display
  • Servo waveform measurement
  • Display waveforms before/after adjustments
  • Project management
  • Measured waveforms batch management

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