Direct Robot Control

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The robot-friendly CNC control from Mitsubishi Electric

The new Direct-Robot-Control software solution from Mitsubishi Electric will make machine tool automation much easier in the future. With the help of the Direct-Robot-Control function, the robot can be controlled very simply via G-code. This eliminates the need to start the program via PLC or to operate the robot using a teaching box and smart panel.

With our “Direct Robot Control” function, we can use the CNC to control not only the machine as standard, but also the robot directly. With the application, we can offer simple cycle to complex traverse movements.
– Benjamin Buzga, CNC Sales & Business Development Manager

Icon Intuitive Programming

Control robots via G-code and automate them easily yourself – for all Mitsubishi Electric robots and now also for KUKA robots.

Fly Cutting

Direct Robot Control makes it possible and you benefit from fast, flexible implementation with a uniform coordinate system for machine tools and robots.

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Increase your sales and profits with smart CNC controls from Mitsubishi Electric.

The robot-friendly CNC control - Functionality


Robot movement via the integrated robot HMI on the CNCSimple operation via G-code

The robot can be connected to the machine tool controller via Plug&Play.  The prerequisites are that the controller from Mitsubishi Electric’s M8 CNC series has the new Direct Robot Control feature installed and that the system knows the robot’s key data. Once these conditions have been met, the robot can be simply plugged into the machine tool and put into operation. This also makes it possible to use the robot on different machine tools – either mobile and movable or permanently installed in the center of a production island, depending on requirements and size.


The robot-friendly CNC control - Operation


The HMI for maximum user-friendliness

The Mitsubishi Electric robot is operated via the HMI of the M8 series. Control is even more convenient via the optional 19″ touchscreen – where most users immediately feel at home. The new Direct-Robot-Control feature developed by Mitsubishi Electric also makes it possible to control the robot very simply via G-code. This eliminates the need for operation via Teaching Box/Smart Panel or starting the robot program via PLC.

As a convenient and particularly accurate procedure, the coordinate system of the machine tool axes can now also be accessed directly. Workpiece coordinates can also be used without transferring them to another system, and it is still possible to move to target points of the teaching method. This reduces programming times, simultaneously increases safety and enables shorter cycle times in practice. A simple idea that reduces complexity enormously and enables effortless integration of robots for automated production.

  • Maintainability: Status of Robot is monitored and diagnosed from NC Screen. Robot-dedicated HMI is not required
  • Controllability: Robot can be operated from NC screen (G Code / JOG / Teaching)
  • Connectivity: NC and Robot controller are connected via Ethernet

Key Features

  • Simple integration

    Simple plug&play connection between robot andmachine tool controller via Ethernet.

  • Maximum ease of use

    Easy operation of the Mitsubishi Electric robot via the HMI of the M800V/M80V series.

  • Unified coordinate system

    Shorter programming and cycle times.

  • Reduced programming effort

    Without additional programming knowledge, the robot can be controlled simply by G-code or PLC signal, which significantly reduces the programming effort.

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