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NC Machine Tool Optimizer

NC Machine Tool Optimizer is a software that collects operating information from CNC machine tools and peripheral devices and uses various data from the production site to visualize the operating status and data for analysis. Results such as alarm stops are recorded and displayed in graphs, enabling accurate diagnosis of problems and showing trends in the production process.

NC Machine Tool Optimizer can be used in the following situations:

  • Improving the operation ratio for overall optimization
  • Improving the production site for increasing productivity
  • Improving the downtime diagnostics and trend analysis

NC Machine Tool Connector supports various communication protocols and can be used to connect and collect operation information from various equipment from any manufacturer at the production site.

The collected operation information can be used to analyze the operation status.

NC Machine Tool Connector

A software that collects operation data and PLC device data from controllers of CNC machine tools and provides the collected data to host IT systems, industrial platforms for edge computing, edge applications etc.

The data collected from this product can be used by the following applications:

  • Monitoring system (e.g. SCADA, operation monitoring software)
  • Host IT system (MES, ERP)
  • Simulation (e.g. production line simulator)
  • Edge applications, engineering tools, etc.

NC Virtual Simulator

NC Virtual Simulator is a software with high-fidelity simulator that simulates machines and workpieces to safely validate machining programs. The processes from product design to trial machining are digitized. Identifying machining errors in the tool design stage, which was previously taken place in the trial processing, is with the NC Virtual Simulator also possible.

NC Virtual Simulator can support in the following situations:

  • Improving work efficiency and productivity
  • Improving correction and checking of the machining program
  • Reduction of machining time

In combination with the NC-Trainer2 Plus, an additional simulation for machine design and user PLC development is made possible.

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