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Milling Solution

When it comes to Milling, nothing beats the precision, surface quality and speed of the new M8V CNC
– The Mitsubishi Electric CNC Engineering Team




Tool Cutting Point Control

Tool Cutting Point Control

Cutting Load Control

Cutting Load Control

Milling specific functions

SSS4G - Super Smooth Surface

Improved algorithms independently correct the tool path movement and compensate CAM programming inconsistencies. The result is a smoother surface combined with a shorter machining time.

Tool Cutting Point Control

In order to keep the cutting point of the tool constant even in case of abrasion, the part program needs to be modified. This function automatically takes over the compensation by the controller.

Cutting Load Control

By adjusting the feed rate, the load absorption is kept at a predefined level. This results in less tool wear and a reduction in machining time.

Inclined Surface Machining

Through this function a feature coordinate system can  be created. So it is possible to apply normal program commands to an arbitrary plane (e.g. inclined surface) in space.

OMR-CC – Optimum machine response-contour control

With newly developed drive systems, path errors that occur due to delays in communication to the servo motors are compensated. This results in higher accuracy while reducing machining time.

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