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With the outstanding performance of our CNC series you achieve a fast, smoother operation and a outstanding finish of your workpiece. As a leading global supplier of control systems, drives and motors for industrial CNC units, we offer you a comprehensive service for all our products. Starting from development, up to ordering a spare part, to sending out a service technician, we are always here for you.

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High-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality cutting.

The M800V/M80V Series offers SSS 4th-generation (SSS-4G) control, enabling high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality machining. SSS-4G control provides features that are effective in reducing tact time, including optimal acceleration / deceleration suited to each axis’ characteristics. In addition, SSS-4G is capable of reducing machine vibration during high-speed cutting. SSS-4G control allows for greater cutting accuracy in the same length of time, or shorter cutting time with the same degree of accuracy when compared to our previous models.

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Drive Technology

High Speed Drive System

High-speed architecture based on a fiber optic communication BUS.

This architecture enables a faster position interpolation cycle and synchronization between drive units, resulting in further high-speed and high-precision machining. All operations from program values to servo commands are done in Nanometre (nm). Interpolation is at the Nanometre level even when the program command is at Micrometre (μm) level. All these is the basis for new productivity-enhancing functions, such as OMR-FF control (Optimum Machine Response-Feed Forward), which allows the response to be set independently of the over speed control. This results in less vibration and therefore higher accuracy at higher speeds.

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Spare parts availability

Spare parts availability of over 35 years, 24 months warranty.

Order spare parts by fax or e-mail. Your order will be dealt with without delay and the parts are normally dispatched on the same day. Usually, spare parts in stock at our warehouse are delivered within 24 hours. We will contact you, if delivery is delayed or parts are delivered at unusual times. To ensure that our parts reach you at the shortest possible time, we contract TNT, UPS and DHL with the delivery. Please contact us to find out more about the fastest possible delivery option. We can also make arrangements for you to collect the parts at our European warehouse or at the premises of one of our service partners.

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Robot Integration


The robot-friendly CNC control.

The CNC functionality “Direct Robot Control” was developed so that robots and machine tools can work even closer together in the future and productivity can increase as a result. With the Direct Robot Control from Mitsubishi Electric, industrial robots can be integrated into the current CNC control series. Thanks to the new function, commissioning can be carried out significantly faster and training and specialist requirements are also significantly reduced. Even with small lot sizes, companies can benefit from the new flexibility for their own production.

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Remote Service


Smart Remote Service

Competent help when you need it.

You have a problem and we have the solution. In the event of a machine breakdown, things have to move fast! We don’t want you to lose too much time. That’s why we send a service technician to you immediately. But to prevent our specialists from getting a complete picture of the situation until they’re on site, and to prevent needed spare parts from being ordered until after the machine has been inspected on site, we’ve made our service calls smarter. Using a data glasses-based solution, we can use your time and ours more effectively. Whether from our location in Ratingen or at your site, the data glasses enable us to diagnose remotely and act quickly when ordering spare parts.

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