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Successful premiere of the Technology Days

Satisfied faces  after the first Technology Days. Mitsubishi Electric invited visitors into its new showroom in Stuttgart at the beginning of November. This event marked the start of an event series, where Mitsubishi Electric introduces trade visitors to topic-specific technological innovations.

Experience CNC technologies

“Experience CNC technologies” – visitors to the Technology Days in Stuttgart were able to experience the new CNC controls live. The focus was on customized solutions. These are one of the particular strengths of Mitsubishi Electric, which, as a project partner, stands closely by its customers’ side from planning through development and commissioning to service. The customer proximity was impressively demonstrated in Stuttgart.

The visitors’ verdict was correspondingly positive, praising the individual support and the state-of-the-art demonstration center. The Technology Days showed once again that, although digital communication tools make the presentation and explanation of complex products much easier, they cannot replace personal communication.

It is based on Mitsubishi Electric’s core values to develope solutions close to customer needs. New products and services are geared to what is important for the success of customers now and in the future. The company has proven this many times over in its 100-year history. At a time when trade fairs can hardly be held, the Technology Days are a contemporary approach to present technological solutions.

Mitsubishi Electric has once again led the way and presented numerous trend-setting innovations at EMO. One of the new features is WLAN integrated into the CNC, which will take CNC machining a decisive step forward. As the first CNC controls with direct WLAN connection, they are important pioneers for future-oriented Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments in intelligent, automated manufacturing. Users can access CNC machines anytime, anywhere using connected devices such as tablets. The interference-resistant design makes operation and monitoring reliable and safe. The interactive display supports 4-point multi-touch gestures and can be operated similarly to a modern smartphone. The intuitive design makes it easy for operators to control and monitor the most important processing parameters. To be able to demonstrate this to visitors in practice, the showroom in Stuttgart was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. At the Technology Days, the know-how of Mitsubishi Electric, machine manufacturers and users is combined to create future-proof solutions.

The showroom in Stuttgart offers plenty of space for intensive knowledge transfer and exchange of experience. On more than 200 sqm, visitors will not only find the latest control generations but also the appropriate PLC, frequency inverters up to robotics applications. The solutions are not only explained theoretically, but can be tested and “grasped” in practice. The showroom in Stuttgart is an excellent contact address for both machine manufacturers and users.

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