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  • Customer Support

    Get customer care from our experts and reliable technical support.

    Whenever you need technical support, you can rely on our dedicated service team to provide you with the help you need. Whether through our dedicated telephone hotline or our on-site service for situations that cannot be resolved remotely, our team of expert technicians will efficiently assist you with troubleshooting, maintenance tasks and performance evaluations to ensure your robots are operating at peak performance.

    Mitsubishi Electric is happy to help you. If you need service please give us a call:
    Technical phone support from 8.00 to 17.00
    Tel.: +49 2102 486 5000

  • Maintenance Contracts

    Our service technicians can carry out all necessary maintenance tasks on your Mitsubishi CNC control and drive systems at your premises, on a regular base. The maintenance work is carried out continuously on the basis of scheduled inspections, and helps prevent malfunctions and wear.

    A maintenance contract ensures a long service life of your equipment and reliable operation of the machine at a fixed known cost. Maintenance contracts are always drawn up in close cooperation with the customers, to ensure that they cover what they wish to include.

    If you wish to take out a maintenance contract with us, contact a Mitsubishi Electric CNC service technician for more information. We would be delighted to be of assistance in identifying your needs and drawing up a contract that is tailored to your requirements.

  • Extended Warranty

    All CNC machines purchased from a machine manufacturer come with a statutory warranty, which is however limited in time. To cover you after the standard warranty period has lapsed, Mitsubishi Electric CNC offers you two types of follow-on contracts that can be extended annually:

    • 1 year warranty on spare parts only
    • 1 year warranty on spare parts including service operation

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