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Mitsubishi Electric Facts & Figures

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    Foundation Mitsubishi Electric

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    40,9 billion US $

    Consolidated group sales

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    146,500 employees


A global player

Electronics today is an essential element of various areas of our lives. We’ve become so used to it that we’re inclined to take it for granted. Electronic components in fact control children’s toys, household appliances, office equipment, phones and cars, i.e. virtually everything that we unthinkingly use on a day-to-day basis.

Mitsubishi Electric contributes products for wide-ranging industrial applications and everyday activities. Aside from technical progress, we have set ourselves the goal of not losing sight of what is most important: People and the world we live in.

We aim to make responsible use of the resources of our planet, to improve living conditions and to display our social commitment wherever we do business. We are in fact present in 36 countries with sales offices, research and development centres, and production plants. And with its roughly 142,000-strong workforce, Mitsubishi Electric is the biggest of the 40 independent companies that bear the Mitsubishi name.

Over 40 years in Germany

Mitsubishi Electric has been present in Germany since 1978 as a wholly owned subsidiary. Today, Mitsubishi has its headquarters in Ratingen and runs regional offices all over Germany.

We are subdivided into central company- and product-related sales and services sectors and are represented throughout Germany with field offices for local customer service.

An intercultural approach and international business activities form the basis of our company that regards itself not as a rigid structure but as a living organism. In a spirit of holistic thought and action, each employee plays an important part and accepts responsibility for the duties entrusted to him or her.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe CNC Mechatronics

Do you have a question or are you looking for a partner to realize a project? Our team is always at your service and gladly to answer all relevant questions. Whether Service, Sales, Engineering or Marketing you will find your corresponding contact person on the following page:

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Mitsubishi Electric Germany Website

Global Website


Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
German Branch
Mitsubishi-Electric-Platz 1
D – 40882 Ratingen

Tel.: +49 (0)2102 / 486 – 0
Fax: +49 (0)2102 / 486 – 1120


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M800VS SeriesM80V Series
M850VSM830VSType AType B
Max. number of axes (NC axes + Spindles + PLC axes)◯16 △32◯16 △32139
Max. number of NC axes (in total for all part systems)◯16 △32◯16 △32107
Max. number of spindles8864
Max. number of PLC axes8866
Number of simultaneous contouring control axes8444
Max. number of NC axes in a part system◯8 △ 12◯8 △ 1285
Max. number of part systems (main+sub)◯ 4 △ 8◯ 4 △ 8◯ 4◯ 2
Max. number of main part systems◯ 4 △ 8◯4 △ 8◯ 2◯ 2
Max. number of sub part systems◯ 4 △ 8◯4 △ 8◯ 2◯ 1
Display unit-side High-speed program server mode
Least command increment◯ 0,1 µm
△ 1 nm
◯ 0,1 µm
△ 1 nm
◯ 0,1 µm◯ 0,1 µm
Least control increment◯ 1 nm◯ 1 nm◯ 1 nm◯ 1 nm
Max. number of tool offset sets◯ 128 sets
△ 999 sets
◯ 128 sets
△ 999 sets
◯ 256 sets◯ 99 sets
Built-in PLC capacity◯ 128 000
△ 512 000
◯ 128 000
△ 512 000
◯ 64 000◯ 32 000
Multi-project [number of projects stored]◯ 2
△ 6
◯ 2
△ 6
◯ 3◯ 2
Data protection by user's level
Workpiece coordinate system shift
3D solid program check
Interactive cycle insertion
Multiple spindle synchronization set control
Spindle superimposition control
High-accuracy control
High-speed high-accuracy control II (G05P10000) max.[kBPM]△ 168△ 168◯ 67.5
SSS control
Tolerance control
OMR-CC (Optimum Machine Response - Contour Control)
Rapid traverse block overlap
Spindle-mode servo motor control
Real-time tuning 1 (speed gain)
Real-time tuning 2 (rapid traverse time constant)
Inclined surface machining command
3-dimensional manual feed
Finish shape view programming
VNC server
CC-Link (Master/Local)
CC-Link IE Field (Master/Local)
MES interface library
Machine group-based alarm stop

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Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
German Branch.
Mitsubishi-Electric-Platz 1
D - 40882 Ratingen

Tel.: +49 (0)2102 / 486 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)2102 / 486 - 1120